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Account Manager - State Farm Agent Team Member

Full Time in Littleton, CO

I'm Hiring! I'm hiring someone fantastic to work with me as an Insurance Sales Representative for my 2 State Farm Agencies. This is a unique role that requires you to be a "jack of all trades" and manage multiple projects, clients, and leadership roles at the same time. For the right candidate (the best of the best), this job will be the opportunity of a lifetime. You will work closely with the agent (that's me), learn something new each day, and create work that impacts thousands of lives each year. My goal is for you to have my job in 2-3 years! Not literally, but you will be prepared to own and operate a successful franchise the way I have built mine. 5 Benefits of This Role This is a hands-on role. You will need to hustle and work hard. If you're up for that, there are a lot of benefits. 1. You will create work that matters. The driving mission behind everything we do at Sean Morton State Farm is to "make things better for other people." Your work will influence not only the lives of our policyholders, but also position you in a leadership role within our industry. 2. You will learn constantly. This is a job that will force you to grow. You'll learn something new and be challenged pretty much every day. It is my goal for you to be a better person at the end of each year than you were at the beginning of it. 3. You will be well paid. Your compensation will be competitive. It is important to me that you are compensated fairly (based on experience and skills) and that this job moves you in the direction that you want your life and career to be going. 4. You can co-create your job. As we develop a working relationship and you become comfortable with my style and expectations, I want you to think about how your skills and interests align with the mission of our company. Part of your job will be to design a role that makes you excited to come to work each day and fully leverages your strengths. 5. You can advance your career. For the right person, this can become a leadership role in the future. In fact, I want you to have my job (just at your own agency!). Future promotions are not promised in any way, but top performers will be in prime position to advance. Give me 24 months of your best work, and you'll be ready to own and operate a profitable agency that will provide a lifetime of income, flexibility, and satisfaction. 5 Requirements For This Position I've very open to hiring candidates with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. However, there are a few non-negotiable traits that any successful candidate will possess. 1. Your default setting is to be proactive not reactive. You ask questions rather than letting topics go undiscussed. You take ownership of problems and develop solutions without being asked. To do this job well, you need to be eager to take action and have a history of getting things done. 2. You are a fantastic writer and communicator. This job will require you to send a lot of emails and build mutually beneficial relationships through writing. Plain and simple, you must be able to write clearly and persuasively. 3. You are an organizational powerhouse. You need to be a master of logistics, planning, and coordination. The right candidate will be able to juggle multiple priorities and work well under pressure (especially when things get crazy). 4. You are very comfortable with numbers and technology. Unlike most agents, my company is a data-driven business. Nearly everything we create requires some type of software program or data analysis. You don't need to be a programmer (I'm not), but you do need to have fluency with technology and feel comfortable interpreting business metrics. 5. You bring energy into the room rather than take energy out of it. Great teams cannot thrive when people act selfishly, lack ambition, or otherwise row in the opposite direction as the rest of the boat. I'm looking for someone who is fully "on board" with our mission, brings great energy and enthusiasm each day, and has a genuine desire to help others and be part of a team. 5 Examples of What You Will Do You're not going to be asked to do all of these things at once, but the right person will be able to manage these responsibilities and transition between them as needed. 1. Outbound calling to Prospects and Current Clients. There's no getting around this simple fact 90% of our sales are made on the phone and 10% in person. There are a ton of ways to reach people, but you'll need to work the phones to make sales happen! 2. Process email daily. I will send a few emails personally, but you will be responsible for responding to clients, underwriting, coworkers, and all others. All emails should be responded to within 1 business day, even if you need to discuss something with me at a later time. 3. Plan and manage community events. We will map out each event together. You will be responsible for gauging weekly progress on each project, ensuring we stay on track, and adjusting my calendar as needed. My job is to determine our strategy. Your job is to make sure we follow it. 4. Increase social media exposure. You will work with me to develop our social media strategy and then you will be responsible for managing the process, posting, and tracking of all social media content. 5. Operate and improve our business systems. We will meet each month to review our business systems and improve what isn't working. You will work directly with me to improve everything from our sales process to how we improve the overall customer experience to how we improve training and employee satisfaction. You will be responsible for running many of these processes. About Your Co-Workers You'll be working very closely with me in this role. Given that, you might find it useful to learn a bit more about me as you prepare to submit your application. I believe in making 1 percent improvements, focusing on systems over goals, and doing things I can sustain. I've been a full-time business owner for 18 years and I'm proud to have built a successful and profitable company, but I still have a lot to learn. I'm not perfect, but I'll promise to be the best teammate I can be. I own & operate one of the highest performing agencies in the company - nationwide, out of 19,000+ offices. I attribute our success to my team and the hard work they put in to get better on a daily basis. You'll need to be a good fit for them too, so bring your A Game to the interview if you make it. Ready to apply? Attach your resume as a PDF to the email address above. Requirements Experience in Microsoft Office. This is required, and will be tested during the interview along with other computer skills. If you can't write an email or find your way around a Word or Excel file, don't waste your time. Licensing - Colorado Property, Casualty, Life, and Health Insurance Licenses are required to sell insurance. We will reimburse for the expenses if you are not already licensed. Don't let this get in the way of what could be your last career move.
Bilingual or previous State Farm experience is a plus!
If you are another State Farm agent, don't even think about copying this copyrighted job posting (create your own!).
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Compensation $50,000.00 - $99,992.00 per year
Apply Now State Farm agents are independent contractors who hire their own employees. State Farm agents’ employees are not employees of State Farm. Agents are responsible for and make all employment decisions regarding their employees.

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